Public Address System


Simple public address systems are often used in small and large areas, such as school/college auditoriums, presentations, events, mosques, churches, hotels and shopping malls etc. Many speakers are widely used to advertise in public, institutional and commercial buildings and places such as schools, stadiums, and naval and aeronautical vehicles. Intercom systems, installed in multiple buildings, have the speakers and microphones throughout the building at both ends so that the people can announce their voices.

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Basic Public Address System Parts

  • One or more microphones
  • One or more speakers
  • A “mixer” to control volume, tone, and balance of different voices or instruments
  • An amplifier (built into the mixer or speakers, or purchased separately)
  • Stands to hold the speakers and microphones at appropriate height and angles
  • Good conductor wires


Additional Items Worth Including

  • Appropriate cases to protect the equipment when not in use
  • Quality surge protectors and/or power conditioners
  • Quality extension cord
  • Roll of PVC insulation tape
  • Removable marking tape and pens to label the mixer
  • Flashlight

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