IP Camera Services In Punjab, Pakistan

IP Camera Services

You have become at right place if you are looking for IP camera services. We have a team of professional electrical and IT engineers to install security cameras. You can get our quality services to protect your properties from thieves.

We’ve earned a solid confidence of our valued clients through fifteen years of hard and smart work. We have divided our work load in sales & marketing, operational and management teams. CCTV Cameras Company has created a solid reputation in security surveillance system Lahore because our experts provide instant solutions on every single call of our customers.

You can stay connected to your property either it is a house or office by our high resolution products and good quality CCTV services. You can get 4, 16, 32 and/or 64 channels DVRs and NVRs for analog and IP CCTV security systems. Both systems are good to offer the surveillance but you can watch and control IP camera footages remotely from multiple devices such as computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Our IP Camera Features

  • 720p / 1080p Full HD
  • High Resolution up to 4k ultra
  • Clear face recognition
  • You can control remotely through the internet
  • Night vision security cameras
  • IP66 or IP67 rated so suitably for the outdoors
  • 4, 16, 32 and/or 64 channels DVRs and NVRs

We are installing HIKVision, Dahua, CP Plus, Scout, XevaTech, Samsung, Uniview, LG, Panasonic and our experts can also work on other brands. You can control entire CCTV system by yourself because our engineers will guide about:


  • Installation of cameras
  • DVR/NVR Connection with WiFi/internet network
  • All instructions to set different frame views
  • Storage space and equipment instruction
  • We’ll provide training to use cctv system effectively
  • We’ll also provide answers of your all queries related to CCTV installation process

Why Choose CCTV Cameras Company

  • We have qualified and professional Electrical and IT Engineers
  • We have skilled and certified technicians
  • We are providing 24/7 Technical solutions and support
  • We are residential IP camera installation services
  • We are commercial IP camera installation services
  • We are industrial IP camera installation services
  • 12 months confirmed warrantee


What is an IP CAMERA?

IP camera system depends on one or more IP cameras that are connected to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or Digital Video Recorder (DVR). An IP camera is also known as the Internet Protocol camera which is connected over a computer network such as a webcam. This digital video camera transmits video and other information in the digital format by using the internet and NVR. Analog CCTV Cameras (closed-circuit television) require local recording devices but IP cameras require network recorder or cloud base storage but both are good for surveillance system installation and users can choose one system as per their requirement and budget.

How does an IP Camera Work?

IP camera takes pictures just like any other digital camera and convert those data files into digital format. After the conversion, compression and amplification process it uses a network medium to transmit that video singles from one point to another. IP cameras can be connected with Ethernet cable which is wired network connected to a broadband modem. The other option is a wireless router or WiFi router which is also a very good option. Users can choose either wire or wireless medium as per their requirements.

How do I set up an IP Camera?

Every IP device has its own unique address which is essential to access the network. We also trace connected devices through their IP addresses. There are two types of internet networks:

  1. Local Area Network is just like the typical and home limited network.
  2. Wide Area Network is a combination of many LANs. This type of network is used in the public and commercial areas through port forwarding method. WAN requires local IP address of a camera, port numbers of HTTP and RTMP, and the WAN IP address to transfer your local IP address into a public or a wide area network.

The IP camera installation process is not critical because these advance Internet protocol cameras are configuring for live views, continuous, scheduled and event recording.


What are the benefits of an IP Camera?

IP security camera CCTV system provides many advantages over an analog camera system. IP cameras can transfer a large piece of data from one point to another by using the internet than an analog signal sent to a DVR. You will know the Importance of an IP camera surveillance system by reading these points:


  • Any authorized person can view captured images of an IP camera from anywhere in the world because of the internet. The recording footage can be viewed whether via computer, laptop or smartphone devices. Meanwhile owners can view and control IP cameras remotely through the internet.
  • IP Cameras are multipurpose security solutions that require only a network connection and can work without co-axial cables and a computer station.
  • You can installation IP security system temporarily or permanently as per your need.
  • IP surveillance systems can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • The system is available with day and night functionalities
  • IP system has a pan or zoom control options either remotely or via operator command
  • This system used CAT5 or CAT6 cables which can transmit a much higher value of data than co-axial cables that is why IP recorders can transmit high-resolution singles which are very useful for face recognition.
  • It is possible to analyze and track any particular event of recoding through NVR and IP cameras which is not possible in the analog recording system. Motion detection and tampering with the camera are different types of recording events.
  • The cabling, installation, power consumption and maintenance costs of the IP camera system are less than the analog CCTV camera system.



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    Talha Ahmed

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