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Fire Alarm System Installation Services

A Fire Alarm System Installation has many devices that work together in the presence of different toxic gasses, fire, smoke, and other emergency condition, to notice and alert people through different viewable and audio devices. Smoke detectors and/or heat detectors can automatically activate alarms.

The fire or any other alarm may also be triggered by manual fire alarm switch which is known as manual call points or breaks glass or pulls switch.

It can also be loudspeakers, followed by a recorded or instant voice message that warns people in the building not to use elevators. Fire alarm sound alerts can be set at secure frequencies and different tones, including low & high bandwidths, depending on the standards of different countries and different manufacturer of the devices.

Smaller installations can set the alarm to the lower volume and larger buildings can set alarms to a higher level.

Why Fire Alarm System Installation is Important

In this advanced technological era, the human has constructed huge infra-structures which have the cost of billions but if somehow a small portion burns it can destroy a big asset even a small house has important values. So, Shahanshah Technology is providing its part for the safety, protection, and maintenance of commercial buildings, collections, operations and residents of an institution. Continuous attention is needed to minimize adverse effects of climate, pollution, theft, destruction, insects, and fires. 

Schools, colleges, universities, offices, banks, factories, libraries, archives, museums and historical structures often contain things which are like fuels. These include books, manuscripts, burning interior finishes, cabinets, furniture, computers, machines, and laboratories. Some other potential ignition sources, including any element, action or process that causes heat include electrical lighting and power systems, heating and air conditioning equipment, maintenance of heat-production and maintenance of work and electrical equipment at the office. Welding and cutting, are often sources of ignition.

As we have witnessed the fire incidents has destroyed the building and innocent peoples in Lahore, Gujranwala, Karachi and other big and small cities of Pakistan. Now there is a time to strictly apply the proper rules of safety, security and management and Fire Alarm System has a very important intact in it.

Fire Alarm Installation Professionals

The first step to stop the fire is the correct identification of the incident, raise the alarm alert, and then report the emergency. It is often the function of fire alarm system. There are different types of systems and options, depending on the specific features of the safe space. But there are two main types:

  • Conventional Fire Alarm.
  • Addressable Fire Alarm.

Shahanshah Technology has a team of professionals and we work with the aim to fulfill the needs of our clients and give them the exceptional quality services at affordable rates to make the long-term business relations and sustain the position in this competitive environment. So, do not hesitate and call us now: – 03338469166.

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